Welcome to the home of Award Winning, Austin, TX Film Composer, Steve Gomez

About Film Composer Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez was born in 1974, in the live music capital of the world—Austin, Texas.  He grew up with a household full of various music stylings. As a child, Steve enjoyed watching his grandfather sing Spanish songs while playing the guitar. His parents also had a trumpet and organ in the home. The organ was Steve’s first learned instrument, followed by a guitar when he was 15 years old. Two years later, he was tickling the ivory on his very first keyboard.

Known as “Elvis” by the principal and “Rock Star” by students, in high school, Steve enjoyed playing a lot of heavy metal music but developed a love for the movie soundtrack stylings. Often, the “metal heads” would tease Steve for the softer classical styles of film soundtracks he liked to play.

After graduations Steve enrolled in the Radio, Television and Film program at Austin Community College, in Austin, Texas. He took courses in television production and later found himself teaching community video production classes at the local public access television station. Steve won several local video production awards including first place in a music video category, in which he was congratulated by Congressman Lloyd Doggett.  Steve also submitted a contest entry to KLRU TV PBS Austin for the My American Family contest.  Steve placed first in the contest and his production was aired during a KLRU pledge drive.  Later Steve was hired at Fox 7 News where he worked for three years before freelancing as a camera operator and editor for his own company.
During these years Steve also freelanced seasonally as an audio video technician for the Texas House of Representatves.  There he walked along side TX state officials and represenatives including serving  then  Governor Rick Perry in the audio/video studio on one occassion.  Steve has always been an award winner.  During his time at the TX House, he was awarded for his work on computer scripting closed captioning for the TX Kids House Real Player video by then Speaker of the House Tom Craddick with a TX flag.

Freelancing video work was fun, rewarding but not always steady. As bills continued piling in and life priorities were changings, Steve felt a need to walk away from television production life. In 2010, he found a new career that allowed him to interact with customers and gave him experiences that lead to better positions. Soon after love was in the air and Steve found himself traveling to Virginia to be with his long distance girlfriend.  It was a new adventure for Steve.  Steve had never lived out of state.   He also had never flown on a plane before.  Nor had he lived with the opposite sex before in a relationship.  But long distance and in person aren't always the same.  Steve and his girlfriend mutually agreed they would remain friends but would not work out in romance.  Steve packed his bags and came back to TX and quickly found a great job.  Now with an excellent job, he was content with what he had. And focussed on his career and family.  Years later though, the love of music was still deep in his heart and soul, so he decided to enroll in college music classes. Currently, Steve now works for a well-known cable internet provider and is enrolled at the Berklee College of Music where he is completing a master certificate program for film and music scoring. While working a full-time job and going to school, Steve is also participating in composing music for contests and seeking film projects. He has also been in contact with several music libraries to sell his music.  Steve's most recent achievement is winning the prize of honorable mention in the Indie Film Gathering's international film scoring competition.  In 2018 Steve has already entered 3 new contests and hopes to enter and place in or win more soon.  

Steve is a very spiritually minded person.  His beief in Jesus Christ guides much of his life and decisions.   Steve is also very family oriented.   In 2018 Steve hopes to spend more time with friends and has goals he hopes to reach.  Steve has also intereset in things like interpretation of dreams.  You'd be surprised how many of Steve's dreams come true.  He also has interests in technology and is seeking a new higher paying positiion in tech support for 2018 as a day job to help him meet those goals.  Steve is exploring new love interests as well and hopes to find someone who is ready for commitment and romance.