Welcome to the home of Award Winning, Austin, TX Film Composer, Steve Gomez

About Film Composer Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez was born in 1974, in the live music capital of the world—Austin, Texas.  He grew up with a household full of various music stylings. As a child, Steve enjoyed watching his grandfather sing Spanish songs while playing the guitar. His parents also had a trumpet and organ in the home. The organ was Steve’s first instrument, followed by a guitar when he was 15 years old. Two years later, he was tickling the ivory on his very first keyboard. The guitar and keyboard are Steve’s primary instruments.  He especially loves playing keyboard.  However Steve has also practiced on Violin and Drums but but however did not stick with them long enough to master each.

The drums was an interesting story.  Steve had a young cousin. His cousin’s father absent, Steve bought a drum kit for his young cousin, rented a storage unit and took lessons and passed them on to his little cousin.  They would jam out in the storage unit and rock out quite frequently.  Steve liked to turn up the volume as the drums were quite loud.  
Young Steve was known as “Elvis” by the principal and “Rock Star” by students, in high school.  Steve brought his guitar to school every day.  Though not in band, he frequently visited the band hall piano rehearsal room, till he was kicked out. The vice principals told Steve to take his guitar home on occasion.  But when principal Bradley was around Steve was greeted with “Hey Elvis!” very warmly. Once Steve had a class and made a song for the visiting guest. 

 Steve enjoyed playing a lot of heavy metal music but developed a love for the movie soundtrack stylings.  Loved by all the students, Steve however clicked most with the nerds.  His group of nerds would often make short films and listen to soundtracks among which we listened to Star Wars A New Hope.  It was at this time Steve and his family of nerds hung out with Josh Logan, a then up and coming special effects artist.  His speciality was latex masks and creatures.  Josh one day introduced us to his latex friend Nukie 3 from a film project he worked on.  It was a mutant creature from a nuclear gabage dump. In Josh's early credits was a mask in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Josh was a senior in high school and lived a coule of blocks around the corner from where Steve grew up.  Steve was not a senior at this time and we all lost touch with Josh after his graduation. Among other friends was the aptly named ROM as in CD-ROM.  He was aptly named because he was the brains of the group.  There was Jason, the Byrd brothers, Aaron the New Ager and more.  Steve went fishing for the first time with Aaron and caught a perch.  Yes Steve ate the perch.

Often, the “metal heads” would tease Steve for the softer classical styles of film soundtracks he liked to play.  It was around this time Steve began to sing as well but admits he doesn't have many songs as a composer where he busts out his vocals.  His vocal style can be bluesy with a raspy rock flare at times.  In the past Steve has been known to sing older church hymns in a closer to operatic style. I suppose if Steve compared his rock vocal style to any singer it'd be the late Chris Cornell of Sound Garden, only deeper.  He also at times resembles Smashing pumpkins.  In his younger years he remembers being compared to the lead singer of The Doors.

On a humorous or foolish side note during Steve's 20's he was at the Grand Canyon with his family.  Steve loved to snap pictures, and what better place to do so.  As chance would have it, a lone black bird sat perched on a stone overlooking a wide view of the canyon.  Steve snapped his camera capturing the image of the bird.  Later encouraged by his mom to submit to a photo contest, Steve, young and not excited about it did not enter.  His mother entered the photo for him under her name.  The photo went on to be selected to be part of a photo book and was published under her name.  Steve's reaction was let's say somewhat mixed and unfavorable, but understood to a degree, he should have entered his own self.   Where the book is or what the title was who knows anymore.  Yeah that sucked, no other way to put it.  Lesson learned.

In 1994, soon after his high school graduation, Steve enrolled in the Radio, Television and Film program at Austin Community College, in Austin, Texas. Steve’s musical styles drifted into history class one day. There Steve too frequented the piano rehearsal room until he was again kicked out. Go figure.  It's a rehearsal room and he was rehearsing....anyway.  Steve also once took a drama class, though he'd say his acting wasn't so hot.  One day a history class project was assigned and Steve creatively styled a Beatles like song presentation.  It was a hit with the class. While taking an RTF production class he had the honor of meeting a younger director, Guillermo Del Toro. Having been brought in by the school dean it was an honor to speak with him. If he ever meets him again Steve would love to work with Guillermo on a film as Steve thought he was a really nice guy and admires Guillermo to this day. 

Steve also found himself teaching community video production classes at the local public access television station. Steve won several local video production awards including first place in a music video category, in which he was congratulated by Congressman Lloyd Doggett. It was at this time Steve met radio show host Alex Jones whom he knew several years.  

During his tenor as an instructor and independent content producer, Steve also met director Mike Judge there on one occasion.  Steve can attest that Mike seemed like a very cool, down to earth guy.  No other way to be is there?   In editing this bio, Steve kinda can't believe all the stuff he leaves out.  One thing he recalls is the night he showed up to do some video editing at the Public Access Television studio.  New Reportef Olga Campos (likely retired by now) was using a VTR, Steve came to use.  Unable to do his dubbing Steve wondered what the commotion was?   Alex Jones had a tv show host friend of lesser known fame named Jeff Davis.  During this time the national news was consumed with a standoff with a group known as The Republic of Texas.  Having taken hostages in the Davis Mountains at a resort, they stood off against Texas law enforcment for a week.  It so happened that at that moment the leader of the radical group, Richard McLarren, was live on air on the phone with Jeff Davis.  Local news was there covering the breaking news. 

Being that the group was a splinter group, the branch from which it splintered was present.  The official members of the Republic of Texas group from where they broke off was there.   Steve has always been one to be curious and ask questions.  Rather than fear for his life, he curiously walks up to the leader and asks them what exactly it is they believe and wish to accomplish.   Greeted rather camly the leader answered that they believed in the secession of Texas from the Union.  Satisfied with the answers in their conversation, but not swayed, Steve went on his business the rest of the night.  History records the outlaw group leader Richard McLarren surrendered in September of 1998 to authorities.

During this time, Steve also submitted a contest entry to KLRU TV PBS Austin for the My American Family contest.  Steve placed first in the contest and his production was aired during a KLRU pledge drive.  Later in 1999 Steve was hired at Fox 7 News where he worked for three years before freelancing as a camera operator and editor for his own production company.  During his time at Fox7 Steve got to learn the ins and outs of TV production and learned some people on TV are cool and others ain't.   Steve's most memorable moments were 911 and a severe weather update.  It was September 11, 2001. It was Steve's off day.  Laying peacefully asleep, unaware of the horros unfolding in world never to be the same, he was quickly awakened by his grandmother. Shocked by the images of the fall of the Twin Towers Steve was hurridly called into work where he worked 24 hours straight with no sleep.  It was a depressing week as Steve saw images not suitable for television fed into his satellite receivers. 

Steve considers he suffered shome depression and shock from that  period, though he did recover.   And as for severe weather?   Well one day the directors and producers were at dinner after the 6pm news.  No one of seniority was around.  It was me, the master control operator and Zach Shields a weather man at that time.  Hahaha well here comes the station manager barking we need to get a live severe weather update on the air now.  So Steve took the helm at the directors video switcher and managed to direct the freaking weather update.  One thing I will tell you about me now is when duty calls I might be afraid, but often I'll do what has to be done anyway.  Cause yeah I was nervous as heck.

Of course having left the TV station Steve now shot music, wedding and training videos during this time under the unique banner of Vertigo Empire Productions. Steve laughs now at the name.   Steve once went by the rock musician name Vertigo.  Among his clients who hired him were the Republican Party of Texas.  Le't s not talk much about the freelnace gig where the crane fell hahaha. That was on the day the Space Shuttle crashed. No one was hurt thankfully by the crane.   To no surprise Steve never worked with those guys again though hahaha.

During these years Steve also freelanced seasonally as an audio video technician for the Texas House of Representatives.  There he walked along side TX state officials and representatives including serving then Governor Rick Perry in the audio/video studio on one occasion.  Steve has always been an award winner.  During his time at the TX House, he was awarded for his work on computer scripting the closed captioning for the TX Kids House website Real Player video by then Speaker of the House Tom Craddick with a TX flag.  Steve was also given a money clip....but no money was in the clip...hmph. Also during these years Steve had some new age music and took the musician name Adayah, which he no longer goes by.  He simply goes by his natural name now.  Taken for its phonetic beauty and meaning and because of his faith, the Hebrew word Adayah means adorned by God.

During this period in his life he frequently freelanced as a camera operator at Casting Works L.A.  Casting Works at that time was owned by local film casting guru Donise Hardy.  Steve filmed many auditions in that studio.  It was kinda like outtakes on American Idol or something.  I mean some people got it, some don't and some just need to be polished into a diamond ya know.  Donise no longer owns Casting Works and retired.  She heads a local film meet in Austin, TX.

Freelancing video work was fun and rewarding but not always steady money. It was the years between 2008 and 2010 and the economy was in shambles.  As bills continued piling in and life priorities were changings, Steve felt a need to walk away from television production life for a financially more profitably stable career. In 2010, he found a new career path that allowed him to interact with customers and gave him experiences that lead to better positions. While working on such position, he was content with what he had and focused on his career and helping his family.  

I know those reading out there may wonder why entirely walk away from such a blooming career?  To answer we have to look inside the heart.   One can get so focused on their career and dreams.  So absorbed and engrossed in the pursuit that we forget the things that really matter.  The people we love fall to the way side.  Steve honestly found himself at this point. Life has a way of teaching you the lessons you need to learn.  So it was for him.   After all these years he felt he needed to focus on things that matter.  People matter more. Cause it's sorta of like an old saying I once was taught. It goes "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  

I'll briefly touch on that during mid 2012, Steve relocated to Virginia in pursuit of a long distance relationship, which did not work out.  He would return to Texas in October 2012.  However Steve remained friends with her for several years after.  Though  the saving grace was they remained frineds, the break up left him scarred which is a statement of fact.  However scars do begin to heal at one point or another.  And Steve would say some healing has occurrred at points.

In November, 2012 Steve started a new better position. He seemed content with what he had and focused on his career and helping his family, remaining single then. However though, the love of music was still deep in his heart and soul.  Inspired to go back to school by his ex-girlfriend he decided to enroll in college music classes in 2015, through Berklee College of Music Online. He was perusing a master certificate program for film music scoring. Working a full-time job and going to school, Steve was also participating in composing music for contests and seeking film projects. He has also been in contact with several music libraries to trying license/sell his music.  

Steve is grateful his friend/ex's suggestion he go back to school.  Sometimes Steve is like captain Kirk in the first Star Trek reboot and needs a little I dare you to do better speech.  Steve's actually had that speech from someone else years ago and  can say he did do better.  Steve can say that knowing he's done the best for his own self.  Steve's father purposely vanished at the beginning of the year and never accomplished much.  Steve has watched his family struggle and does his best for those he still helps, though it's a challenge sometimes.  Yet he perseveres for his own sake and doesn't give up easily.  He feels he's been through too much in life to give up now; that he didn't come this far to just fold in.  And some of his plans haven't worked out.  But you take the punches like a boxer.  You fall and you get back up.   And in all this, though his ex and he have moved on, he considers her encouragment helped spawn all the music you hear and see on this sight.  Probably one os Steve's favorite motivational speeches is Sam Wise Gamgee's speech at the end of The Two Towers when he tackles frodo from the Nasgul on dragon.

That said, Steve's most recent achievement is winning the prize of honorable mention in the 2017 Indie Film Gathering's international film scoring competition and the 2018 Horror Hotel film scoring competition.  Steve recently entered the 2018 Marvin Hamlisch film score contest. Though he did not win he discovered his rank was in the top 30% in a highly rated international competition. And I might add while doing all this he achieved a goal of obtaining two IT certifications as well:  A+ and Network +.   During his time at a job he held most part of 2017 to 2018 Steve studied for his certifications. It was a long road.   Steve passed his A+ easily.  However he flunked the Network + the first time. He was job hunting for his next career step at this time.   Usually finding work faster, Steve was discouraged.  When he flunked the Network + Steve cried a few minutes.  Then he pulled itogether, went home and watched Professor Messer Network + videos on YouTube.  Steve was encouraged by his then manager to not give up.  Having been given additional training videos by him, reading books and perservering, steve passed the Network + exam.  He inspired his entire team begin doing the same.  Steve has been in touch with one such person on his former team who is still studying towards his exams. 

Steve did briefly tried his hand at romance again around the end of 2017 but it was a dead end.  Originally Steve had planned to save to move to the Los Angeles film scene.  He stayed in hopes something would blossom but it did not.  As Steve had not tried his luck in relationships since 2012 it was a very painful experience.  More than anything Steve simply values friendship above all else.  You can't have enough good friends.

Eight months after his job search began Steve found his next career step in the latter part of 2018.  Steve is here now ultimately cause he made a choice to stay and set a path in motion that has lead to where he is now.  Steve's kinda like a domino sometimes.  He set off a chain reaction of events and this is what we have so far.  The dominos will fall where they may.  Yet he knows ultimately all things will work together for good.  

However, Steve was very busy during this phase of life and again realized he wasn't spending much time with family or friends.  Only seeing his friends Sundays at church and not hanging out much, Steve made a 2018 new years resolution to spend more time with those he cares about.  And I'm glad to say he's kept his resolution to this point in 2018.  An introvert by nautre, though very friendly to those around, he finds it  easy to wanna lock yourself away in your apartment and just write music all day.  But when you get invited to that birthday party.  Go.  Shut the computer down.  Walk away from the keyboard.  Cause when you die, it's what you're gonna remember the most.  Careers and dreams are good to have.  Just don't lose sight of what matters.   Older and wiser now, Steve is ready to move on.  

 Steve is now transitioning into a new phase of life.  It's a new world full of possibilities.  Looking to the horizon he gazes into the future wondering what tomorrow will bring.  Watching those dominos fall. Film music.  It’s hard work, perseverance and some luck.  Actually Steve doesn't believe in luck.  Everything happens for a reason. And he's a big believer in synchronicities.  I guess you can say Steve explores chance.  He's Morpheus in the Matrix.  Where others see chance, he sees providence. Or in a funny way Steve is kinda like Captain Jack Sparrow. He has a plan and hey things happen, go with the flow and improvise along the way and see what comes of it.  Or perhaps it’s like forest Gump, just in the right place at the right time a lot, but Steve knows he’s a pretty whitty guy.  Steve has lived an interesting life. Though it's not really a big deal as much anymore to Steve.  We’re all just people.

Steve's latest project is a mock soundtrack demo called "The Mountain".  Having now written eight tracks available on his SoundCloud page He continues to write a full story in music.  Were this a rock album they'd dub it a concept album.   Steve intends to finish the soundtrack to its ending.    He can see the possibility of a full script written around the music eventually.  Steve does not like to boast much at all. This whole bio may seem a boast.  Not really I’m just telling you where I’ve been and how I feel.  Nor does he like to talk much about his giving.  However, there is a reason Steve chose Tanzania as the backdrop.  That is because Steve sponsors a young girl in Tanzania through Compassion International.  Next year is about the last year he will sponsor her.  When she turns 18 he will no longer be able to sponsor her.  Steve is not married and has no children of his own. Steve believes in taking care of his own family but giving to others as well. In short, Steve feels if he helped this young girl and enabled her to follow the path she wishes to pursuit then it’s all worth it, don’t you think?  If you feel inspired to sponsor a child visitwww.compassion.com where you can make a difference.

Steve is also working on taking care of himself more too I might add. 

Now, as far as Steve's musical influences, they vary.  In the world of film soundtracks his greatest influences are composers like Basil Poledouris, James Horner, John Barry, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Hermann and more.  Steve wasn't that old when he was listening to the classical musical station.   He then listened to and still tunes in to the local radio show Film Score Focus on classical station KMFA.  Steve has met host Brian Satterwhite, a well respected composer in Austin.

It was on that radio show many years ago Steve fell in love with his first soundtrack, Conan The Barbarian, with its heavy pounding track Anvil of Crom and the haunting Children of Doom.  That sound track to this day has many "hits" Steve likes to listen to and is still influencing how he composes.  Among his other favorite soundtracks are the late James Horner's Legends of the Fall of which his favorite tracks are many but include the Ludlows and Off to War.  Steve's brass style is heavily influenced by John Williams, Don Davis of the Matrix series and especially the late John Barry. Steve's favorite John Barry soundtracks are Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa and the 1970's King Kong with Jessica Lang.  His favorite tracks from Dances with wolves are The John Dunbar Theme and Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground.  His favorite track on Out of Africa is "I Had A Farm in Africa".  While my story of The Mountain probably has some resemblances, I've never seen Out of Africa and no plagiarism is intended.   

Among Steve's favorite modern composers are Michael Giacchino.   Some of Steve's favorite tracks from him are , London Calling from Star Trek Into Darkness, Night On The YorkTown from Star Trek Beyond, The Great Ape Processional from Dawn Of the Planet of The Apes, and Your Father Would Be Proude from Star Wars Rogue One.   Much of Steve's Cello technique was inspired by that Rogue One track.  That's why I do so many Cello melodies, cause of that track.  Also Steve borrows a lot of his harp technique from Michael and also John Williams.  Steve loves John Williams classics like Saving Private Ryan, Superman, E.T. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park and more. 

Steve's favorite film is the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy.  Among his favorite tracks are The Prophecy from Fellowship Of The Ring.  Evenstar from The Two Towers.  May it Be by Enya and Into the West by Annie Lennox among others.  Steve' favorite characters he identifies with most are Aragorn and Sam Wise Gamgee.  Steve loves not only the passion of the music by Howard Shore but the passion of the characters.   Steve's favorite scenes are the battle of Minas Tirith and the entire ending of the Return of the King from when Frodo and Sam reach Mt. Doom to the end credits.  When Steve was a child he had a dream he was a king and had an army on horseback.  He led the army galloping into battle. The closest reproduction in life he's seen to his dream is the battle of Minas Tirith where Theodin and his army charge the legions of orcs.  Steve would like to get a custom sword made and name it as you would in the realm of Middle Earth.  To simply state it as fact and not a brag, the name Steve means "crowned" or "garland" like the wreath you wear on your head.  What can I say, I have fun with the definition of my name.  I used to make a joke.  My middle name is Flores, which is Spanish for flowers. I used to humorously say my name is Crowned With Flowers.

Steve draws much of his sweet symphonic sound style from Jerry Goldsmith, but loves the warmth of James Horner's lush sound.  John Williams taught him how to add ear candy and try to think different.  Hans Zimmer, well if you need big sound and strings, that guy influenced all that in Steve.  Steve has viewed Hans Zimmer's Master Class as well if you're curious.   Steve's instructor at Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring 101 was an upcoming composer Pinar Toprak who was a student of Hans Zimmer.   It was she who amusingly informed us Hans gives shirts to all his interns that say "Sleep is for wimps" as the composing lifestyle is noted as being something of a lonely life style. You lock yourself up and write for weeks and then get a big vacation every time in between films.  Not all composers are like that.  I and others value some sleep.   Steve also has some broadway influence.  His favorite Broadway composer is Andrew Lloyd Weber. Among his favorites by him are Evita and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Steve loves the large opening of the theatrical version of Evita featuring Madonna. 

Steve learned from his Orchestration instructor that some people still work part-time jobs and compose part-time too.  Steve has studied orchestration at Berklee College of music and knows how to write for live and MIDI orchestra.  Steve found this life is not for everyone.   Truth is in the beginning when you're small, yes you work alone a lot.  But when you "make it big", most people have a team of assistants.  One day perhaps Steve will have his own team too.   Where once Steve walked away he feels more mature, more grounded than before.  Steve sees no reason to walk away as long as he lives and can move a mouse on a computer.    He feels it’s time to move forward. Steve can be shy and private but realizes he has a gift and is starting to share that with others. 

Outside of soundtracks, Steve likes bands, artists and styles, like Social Distortion, Red, Armin Van Buren (especially his State of Trance show), Weezer,  Everclear, Alan Jackson, Enya, Yanni, Phillip Glass (who does some soundtracks),  classic rock, Jazz, Blues, Dead Mau5, Daft Punk and loves ambient space music, Salsa, music of the Andes, and though he doesn't listen to much rap, he thinks Soulja Boy has a cool sound.  Steve has produced some older school sounding hip hop tracks though that make his tiny car stereo go bump with the 808’s. Among pop artists Steve likes Katie Perry's music, to which you can find him bumping and singing to Chained To The Rhythm.

Among things non music related, Steve ocassionally is a nature photographer. He knows a good variety of Texas Wildflowers by heart.  Though he doesn't post much since he deleted his Instagram.  Steve has a SoundCloud page and YouTube channel. Beyond this he has no other social media outlets.  Steve simply decided he valued real in life friendships more. He loves scenic drives and often finds himself playing Dances With Wolves and Legends of The Fall when driving in the pastures of the countryside.  Steve loves to watch sunests and you'll often find him playing Star Wars themes to the setting sun.  Steve wants to travel more.  He wants to visit Australia and travel Europe. Steve would love to visit New York for the 2019/2020 New Year's celebration.   Steve also likes to frequent the free concerts of the Williamson County Symphony Orchestra.  Steve considers himself lucky in a way to have always met people from other nations. In a way its kinda like going there..sort of.  Ask me about a vegemite sandwich one day.

Steve is an easy going, fun guy.  In the end he's a pretty simple man who loves to compose music.  Music, it's in his head all the time.  Steve thinks in music and themes for all moments of life.  Steve feels joy.  He hears a theme.  He laughs, oh yeah there's a theme for that.  He cries, he loves, you bet there's a lush theme pulling heart strings in that head of his. His music is what he feels.  It's in the fabric of his heart.  He'd love to work on your project and create  music tailored to your needs.  Feel free to visit the contact us page where you may contact him about custom music for your production(s).