Welcome to the home of Award Winning, Austin, TX Film Composer, Steve Gomez



Steve Gomez is a videographer and film composer and native of Austin, TX.  He  studied Radio, TV and Film through Austin Community College and more recently studied film composing through Berklee College of Music Online.  Steve loves to compose music!  He'd love to compose music for your production.  Or if you need video and audio editing he can do that for you too.   Steve's passion is music and he is seeking avenues to do more video production again as well. 

Q: What do you use for video production?

A:  A DJI Osmo (version 1) gimble, and Fincl Cut Pro X.  I've lightly used Adobe Premiere as well.  Both can do the same. 

Q:  What kind of video productions have you done in the past?

A:  In the past I've shot and edited Wedding, Music, Instructional, Church, and Conference videos.  I've worked with Jib cranes and even built my own crane once.  I used to teach video courses at the local community television station.  I once authored a teaching DVD series set I sold on EBay.  However it was on a very old version of Final Cut Pro. 

Q: Do you have a video demo reel?

A:  I'm working on it. I recently just shot a commercial for a friend's business.  He repairs phones and we took my camera and his drone and shot some video. I edited the video, wrote the script, narrated it, enhanced the audio in Digital Performer, and lastly I wrote the music track.  It's on my Video Services page.                                                                                             

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: Keyboard, Guitar and Percussion.  I dabbled in violin, South American flutes an a drum kit as well.  But I didn't stick with those long enough and use preferably virtual versions of these.  I love to blend real guitar and percussion with my virtual tracks. 

Q: What software do you use?

A: Digital Performer.  While you can use any DAW for film scoring, DP offers the most tools for film scores in my opinion.  I use Kontakt Complete, Kirk Hunter Strings and oher software audio samples.  I love to blend real instruments with virtual instruments.

Q: Who are your favorite composers or influences?

A: Basil Poledouris, Alan Silvestri, Jerry Goldmsith, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Howard Shore, John Williams, Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Don Davis, John Barry, Henry Jackman, Bernard Hermann, Miklos Rosza, Michael Giacchino.

Q: What are your favorite film scores?

A:  #1 is the beautiful Legends of the Fall, 2nd Dances with Wolves.  I also love Lonesome Dove and Out of Africa. I love the romantic music what can I say.  I also love electronic scores like those of Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky.  I love the music from films like the Transformers series.  I thought the score for the Star Wars Solo film was awesome.  I love Harry Potter scores, especially the soundtrack from Prisoner of Azkaban.

Q:  What kind of films do you like?

A:  I suppose I gravitate towards action and sci-fi.  But I love a good mystery too and drama.  I recently saw Lion and it was a very heart touching film.  I don't watch many horror movies but I love Stranger Things on Netflix.  Ironically I think I have a natural nack for horror music.

Q: What kind of non film music do you like?

A: Trance Techno.  I tune in frequently to Armin Van Buren's State of Trance podcast on iTunes.  Country, though 90's artists. I like Alan Jackson and Trace Adkins  I love worship music by Michael W. Smith.  Everclear.  Red.   Skillet. Social Distortion.  Katy Perry.  Sam Pugh.  I recently dug Judah and the Lion. Weezer (I like their cover of Africa by Toto). Enya. Yanni.  Daft Punk, Dead Mau5,  All That Remains.  Music from South America: Salsa, music of the Andes mountains.  Jazz, old and modern easy listening.  Blues: I love Stevie Ray Vaughn to this day.  "Space music" like on shows like Musical StarStreams.  Classical.  I think classical artists like Phillip Glass are pretty cool too. 

Q:  What do you do outside of music?

A:  Hang out with friends. Help family.  Walk for exercise.  Take pics of sunrises and sunsets while listening to soundtrack music.