Welcome to the home of Award Winning, Austin, TX Film Composer, Steve Gomez

Our Services: Music For Film and Television

Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Film music is more than just background sound.  It sets the mood, compliments the action of your film.  It heps set the stage and establish your scenes.  Film music is critical.  
I can help you find the music voice of your film or media project.  
Education and Experience:

  • Berklee College of Music program for writing music for film and television.
  • Austin Community College: Radio, Television and Film program.
  • Familiar with audio/video production process from pre to post production.
  • DAW: Digital Performer 8
  • Virtual Instruments: Kontakt Complete 10
  • Music Notation: Sibelius 8
Other Details:
  • Remote file sharing via HighTail, Google Drive, Drop Box.
  • Remote communication via Skype​

Steve of Ostinato Media is a film composer.  I use high quality Kontakt audio samples to record my work.  I have a background in audio/video production and know I can find the sound, the musical voice of your next film project.

Services: Audio Production

You sound great!  Let us record you so everyone else can hear.
You sound awesome and now you wanna record it and let everyone else hear.  We can help with that.    Let us produce your next quality demo project.

  • I'll work hard to get it done right for you.
  • Already have audio files? I can work remotely and mix your tracks.
  • Casio Privia PX-350M available for recording in studio use
  • Kontakt Compete 10 audio samples library available.
  • MIDI capable.
  • Sibelius 8 notation software available
  • We record on Digital Performer 8
  • We'll host your Soundcloud audio link on our page.

Contact us for pricing + rental fees.

Click here for samples.


512-317-1376 or Send us a message.
You've got talent, you've got a great song and you want to capture that great sound forever.  We can help you record your next demo and author a quality CD-R and/or MP3 (or other audio file format) master.  We are sorry but we do not offer CD printing or replication/duplication at this time.  

Services: Audiobooks

Audiobook Narrating and Production
Have you written the next great American novel and want everyone to hear about it?  Why not record your book as an audiobook?
About Our Audiobook Production:
  • High quality audio recording and editing.
  • CD, .mp3 or other audio file format authoring
  • I have a profile on ACX.com (Audiobook Creation Exchange) and am available as a producer for hire. Search producers for hire for Steve Gomez
  • Addition of a background music track for book titles and credits.
  • I can work remotely via HighTail, Skype and Google Docs, Drop Box.

Click here to view a sample on Audible.com.


512-317-1376 or Send us a message.
Book are wonderful.  They make us laugh, cry, think and educate us.  The audiobook market is a huge business.  Whatever book you've written, have you considered recording it as an audiobook?  We can help you do that.